Sponsored Poll: Wailin’ With Van Halen

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 4 Comments

Yes, Idolator has finally signed up for some corporate sponsorship–and, much to our surprise, it’s not with the RIAA! In the next few weeks, we’ll have three polls brought to you be VW and First Act: Place your vote, enter your email address, and after our third poll, we’ll randomly select one winner to receive a First Act guitar. And if you’re really lucky, maybe one of your Idolators will come over and show you how to play the first three chords of “Runnin’ With The Devil.” Terribly.

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  1. PengIn

    I pretend it’s an instrumental everytime Eddie opens his mouth. It’s much less irritating that way.

    By the way, if I vote for Eruption, is VW going to run it into the ground with a Jetta ad? If so, I’m going to vote for Spanish Fly, which I already hate.

  2. Butch Huskey

    i once saw Valerie Bertinelli at a Madonna concert, she just walked past the security guard to go backstage to take a dump (no laminates either! that’s how big a star she was, or that’s how lax security was at the Sports Arena)

  3. AcidReign

    …..Guitar made by Volkswagen? Ouch. I still have a knot on my head from a VW wreck 25 years ago. I’ll stick to Fender and Gibson.

    …..I had to vote for Eruption. The tone and the attitude just blew me away the first time I heard it. Spanish Fly showed he could do it without an amp, but it was basically a retread of Eruption. Little Guitars was more of a joke than anything. Funny how many guys paid a thousand bucks for what was basically a ukelele, just because Eddie VH was seen with one. Cathedral was really cool, too, but everyone who tried to do it at home wore the volume knob out on their guitar… Or at least I did. I wished Eddie dead after burning myself twice with the soldering iron while trying to put the new volume pot in!

  4. Mattycake

    Great idea but AcidReign, First Act makes the guitars, not VW. My friend just got one and it is Niiiiice! I’m excited to enter the contest!!

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