Who Charted?: The Game Is In It To Win It

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 2 Comments

drgame_rev.jpgThe one-man self-promotion company known as The Game got what he wanted this week–a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200. The West Coast MC’s second full-length, Doctor’s Advocate, sold 358,000 copies last week, and it nabbed the No. 1 spot on the Top Hip-Hop Albums chart as well.

Biggest Debuts: Akon came in at No. 2, selling 284,000 copies of Konvicted. The other two debuts came from Tenacious D, whose We’ll Milk This Joke Until It Runs Completely Dry entered the chart at No. 8, and Blink-182 offshoot +44, whose No, Really, We Hate Math rounded out the top 10 with 66,000 copies sold.

Biggest Slides: Country buyers took a back seat this week, with Keith Urban’s first album of post-Kidman marriage songs, Love, Pain, and the whole crazy thing, taking a 62% dive and Sugarland’s Enjoy The Ride suffering a 61% sales drop.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: If, during this weekend full of pushing and shoving in front of your local CD retailer’s Kingdom Come display, you’d like to find another reason to feel bad about your fellow man, just remember this: There were 27,000 people who bought Staind’s greatest-hits collection last week. Happy shopping!

The Game Wins No. 1 On The Billboard 200 [Billboard]

  1. thugster

    staind? greatest hits? um, yeah. my head just exploded.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Yet again, a “big” debut falls several tens of thousands short of its predicted number. As of last week, everyone had Game at 400,000, and barely topped 350K. I think hardcore hip-hop fans have finally learned how to torrent.

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