Blind Item: Who’s The Milli Vanilli Of The New Millennium?

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 28 Comments

mv.jpgThe entertainment lawyer who runs the Crazy Days And Nights blog has posted a lengthy story about a young chanteuse who’s been ghosting vocals for a popular female singer since 2001. The real singer, who he refers to as “S,” hasn’t been gettng paid lately because her counterpart, identified as “MV,” has run out of cash, and she’s getting ready to go public with her story.

The lawyer scatters clues to “MV”‘s identity–the first ghosted album came out in 2001-02, the singer has “top 40″-level success and at least one gold record–throughout his post (did we mention that it’s really long?), and the gossipmonger community ohnotheydidnt is full of speculation, but some of their guesses are really wide of the mark (come on, Norah Jones?). After the jump, we present our top four guesses for “S,” along with our pick for who the lip-syncer might be.

Artist: Alicia Keys
Album: The Diary Of Alicia Keys, 2001
Why It Could Be Her: All that “she’s a brilliant child prodigy!!” talk has seemed fishy to us since it started.
Why It’s Probably Not Her: It’s really hard to play the piano and lip-sync at the same time, even if what you’re plonking out is about as tough as “Für Elise.”

Artist: Jessica Simpson
Album: Irresistible, 2001
Why It Could Be Her: We’re sure that the divorce-lawyer bills are putting the squeeze on Jessica’s finances.
Why It’s Probably Not Her: She’s not smart enough to keep up the façade for that long … or is she?

Artist: Mandy Moore
Album: Mandy Moore, 2001
Why It Could Be Her: Moore has switched labels recently, and she’s been focusing on her film career more in recent years–perhaps as a cover.
Why It’s Probably Not Her: What svengali in his right mind would say, “You know, I think our next move should be an album of XTC covers!”?

Artist: Christina Milian
Album: Christina Milian, 2001
Why It Could Be Her: The lapsed payments make sense–Milian was dropped by her label, Def Jam, earlier this year.
Why It’s Probably Not Her: It’s hard to believe that someone would go to all of this trouble in order to preserve the artistic integrity of “Dip It Low.”

OUR BEST GUESS: Moore. She’s definitely got enough acting chops to pull off a convincing lip-sync, and her covers-album swerve may have been a brilliant ploy to throw off the scent.

Let me preface this post by saying… [Crazy Days And Nights]
One of the most interesting blind items I’ve read… [ohnotheydidnt]

  1. d

    christina milian has a gold record? that can’t be right.

  2. spinachdip

    Don’t think it’s Alicia Keys – she only has two studio albums, unless the Unplugged performance was faked too.

    And Mandy Moore seems ruled out too, since the guy says the follow up album was bigger than the first.

  3. HeatherNumber1

    Paris Hilton has a chickie singing for her, but don’t think she’s got a gold record (also, the blind item begins: ‘Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core..’)

  4. HeatherNumber1

    Huh. No. I was way off. I have no concept of time. Or numbers.

  5. GeddyLee

    What about J. Lo?

  6. *_*


  7. brendan

    There was a rumor awhile ago that Ashanti ghost-sang for j. lo…

  8. Dan Gibson

    You’d think if J.Lo was going to hire a ghost-singer, you’d aim for someone who could actually sing.

  9. cerulgalactus

    I call J.Lo, even though her (or, for that matter, any of the names mentioned here or on ONTD) would not really shake the music world to its core. Nobody who has been in the industry for 6 years has that sort of power.

    Now if it were revealed that the ghostsinger were someone bigger than the ‘syncher, THAT would be something big, especially if she’d done it for more than one person.

  10. Alfonso X. Alfonse

    You know, ít probably didn’t start in 2000. Assuming that part of the message is true is stupid.

    He’s a lawyer, trying to disguise the identity of his client, and has admitted that 2000 may not be the real date.

    So expand into the late 90s a bit.

    Toni Braxton?
    Shania Twain?
    Faith Hill?

  11. Clare

    I doubt that it’s Christina Milian, because didn’t she wrote “Play,” one of J.Lo’s bigger singles.

    What about Gwen Stefani as the “singer” who needed the ghostsinger?

  12. Chris Molanphy

    The funny thing about all these pop tarts is that all of their debut albums came out in 1999, the Big Bang year for megapop. Simpson, Moore, J.Lo — all got their start that year. So the question is, whose album had bad enough singing that the label said, “We need help for the followup?”

    J. Lo’s the first person I thought of, but I don’t believe it could be her. Singles from her followup records didn’t sound appreciably different from the debut.

    Is it possible that the singer is Ashanti herself? That would work chronology-wise, but again, her vocals haven’t been good enough to suggest that she got an assist.

    Bottom line, I agree, Mandy Moore’s the most likely candidate.

  13. PengIn

    I had the misfortune of seeing No Doubt twice in the late ’90s. Gwen could definitely use some help.

  14. Feh Am Legend

    Yeah, I read the comments on his blog. And some posters make some good points as to why this whole thing may well be complete crap. A blogger, as they say on The Wire, juking the stats. True or not one upshot will probably be a lot of young singers falling all over themselves to land appearance that allow them to, you know, actually sing. Expect a lot of a capella performances over the next few weeks.

    But if we’re just going for the sport of mindless speculation, I’m going with Pink.

  15. tee.

    Stefani’s always sang live, well or not, so I don’t think it’s her. You can definitely tell when she’s putting in a live performance; the quality of the vocals is down, but not significantly different from the recorded ones.

    Aside from the fact that Shania Twain actually released her debut in the mid-90s (her sophomore album was the one she got big on), she’d be a likely candidate. She’s obviously lip-synching during many of her awards show performances.

    My best guesses would be Ashanti (can’t make the ghostsinger too good), J. Lo (she sure doesn’t tour much) or Christina Milian (no deal). I kind of hope it’s not Mandy Moore. Uh, I like her.

  16. raincoaster

    Don’t think it’s Shania; I have relatives that saw her when she was just a wee Canuck playing to bored drunks, and she doesn’t sound that different.

  17. Nilina

    Mandy Moore’s voice did change though from the first album to the next-listen to ‘Candy’ and then to ‘I Wanna Be With You’-they sound different.

  18. Cinamart

    I’m not sure I believe this story, but if it’s truly going to rock the musical world to it’s core, it has to be someone more established then any of these names, maybe Mariah or Madonna? Although I’m not sure why either would stop paying if they’ve been paying for more then a decade…

    Someone on one of the sites was making the case it’s Madonna, because of the presence of a “Guy” and because they claimed (incorrectly according to my research) that Madonna’s name was Madonna Veronica (hence the MV).

    It also could be Whitney, she’s seemed to have financial issues of late…

  19. elbee


  20. astralgirl01

    I either think it’s J.Lo or Madonna… I don’t think the world would come crashing to an end if they found out it was Christina Milian or Mandy Moore.

    J.Lo’s voice is sooo computer-programmed, and Madonna is more of a look, not a singer.

    Or maybe it’s Brit Brit?!?!?!

  21. Wasp vs Stryper

    Could it be Vanessa Carlton or Michelle Branch? Everyone made such a fuss about the piano playing, vocal trained Carlton and I think she had a small EP out before she hit it big.

    I think I read somewhere that Michelle Branch has been having trouble, not wanting to sing her original hits and not keeping active with her contract now that she has a kid.

    But, considering that Shania Twain is married to Mutt Lange and lives in Switzerland with him, shunning most interview requests, it could be very easy for her to hide the fact that her vocals really arent so dazzling.

  22. Katie

    Does anyone remember Madonna’s live TV duet with Anthony Kiedis from forever ago? Good god, I can sing better than her, and I’m tuneless. It was all croaking out of her, not singing. My money is on her, though admittedly that may just be all the power of Pro Tools behind her rather than a ghost singer amping up her vocals.

  23. Babalon

    I think it’s interesting just how many people out there have come up with such a large list of female artists that could possibly be so untalented, yet garner top-selling albums. Really says something about the current state of the music industry. I bet the music industry would collapse if every recording session had to be verified by witnesses and legally notarized.

  24. spinachdip

    Mandy Moore kinda sorta makes sense, almost – on her 1999 album, she sounds like the 15 year old she is. It could be that her voice never developed into anything presentable so they went with the ghostsinger.

    Ashanti fits the timeline and the description, but it would be hard to keep up the ruse with all the guest spots she’s done. Then again, I can see Irv Gotti pulling shit like that.

  25. spinachdip

    I seriously doubt it’s Shakira, given her pre-US career and that she writes her own songs. Plus, because she records her songs in both languages, you’d need a ghostsinger who’s bilingual.

    Now, assuming the dates are fudged, Britney would be a prime candidate. She doesn’t sing in concerts because of all the choreography, and she never does the stripped down/a cappella stuff that other young singers like to do.

  26. The Mozfather

    Okay people! You’re not reading the blind item! The ghostsinger is so unattractive the record labels won’t give her a starring role; therefore, she’s some no-name overweight girl with a great voice. Not Ashanti, who is both pretty and a mediocre singer.

    And, if the blind item is true – which it may very well not be – the whole chronology is off if you pick JLo or Madonna or whomever. And she’s not a super-huge star – she’s going gold, not platinum.

    The most reasonable choice is someone like Christina Milian. She released her first album in 2001.

  27. Sulky Girl

    You guys know wayyyy too much about these pop singers. I’m guessing Clay Aiken!

  28. IHeartAshleeSimpson

    I’m with all those calling bullshit on the original post. Let’s assume for the moment that the ghost-singer was dumb enough to try to blackmail (because that’s what it is) the pop star. Let’s further assume that the pop star was dumb enough to stop paying the blackmail that she was (eventually) able to pay. Let’s assume that she was dumb enough to sign a gold record together with her ghost-singer. Let’s assume that this entertainment lawyer was dumb enough to entire the blackmail conspiracy (because that’s what it would be once he joined in).

    This lawyer – let’s call him Rico LawVe, Esq. – would then be dumb enough to risk disbarment, imprisonment, and loss of his ill-gotten gains by posting a thinly-disguised breach of his client’s confidence on the internet? (Not to mention breach of the confidentiality agreement thus jeopardizing his client’s payment as well?)

    I’ve run across a lot of dumb lawyers, crooked lawyers, and dumb, crooked lawyers in my career, but I don’t know many lawyers this dumb, this crooked, who could avoid disbarment long enough to break into the fiercely competitive entertainment industry.

    Jesus and Mary Chain, how hard could it possibly be to get Rico’s IP address and track it back to his law firm? For the good folks at Google, facing a few FBI agents with a warrant, not hard at all.

    And then, say adios, Rico.

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