Pitchfork Is Decidedly Not Kosher

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 3 Comments

pitchfork.jpgOkay, so it’s a little inside-baseball–and probably not in the spirit of Thanksgiving–but if you’re at all interested in the Pitchfork vs. [Plus/Minus] “controversy,” you’ll probably want to read this.

Earlier: Pitchfork Can’t Decide Whether to Deceive Readers, Or Merely Confuse Them


  1. hndinglove

    first the wrens’ ‘meadowlands,’ and now this piece of brilliance. the writing and +/-.

    well played, AK. well done.

  2. turdly

    absolutely kosher needs to chill out.

  3. GiantPanda

    idolator needs to chill out…

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