If You Live In New York, Roger Waters May No Longer Be Another Prick In The Hall

Nov 24th, 2006 // Comment

In between his busy schedule of ticking off right-wing boomers and not reuniting Pink Floyd, Roger Waters somehow finds time to be an insanely wealthy real-estate overlord: Last month, he announced a $16 million dollar deal in which he and Shakira would invest in an island in the Bahamas, and today’s New York Post has word of his most recent Manhattan project:

Waters, 63, has unloaded three apartments he was combining on the 49th floor of 51-story Olympic Tower for $14.5 million. Included in the deal is a smaller studio condo on the 23rd floor, which he bought for guests and the hired help. The rocker bought the four units in 2004 for just under $13 million. He also has a smaller condo in SoHo he bought last year for $1.4 million.

All that work for a measly $2 million or so profit? Waters can make twice that much from black-light posters sales in a week. Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing where the hired help stayed, you can see a Google satellite map of the property here; not pictured is a giant deflated pink pig, which hung from the balcony and used to wreak havoc with the downstairs-neighbor’s Day Lilies.

Package Deal [Page Six]
645 Fifth Avenue [Google Satellite Map]


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