The Vault: Two Good Reasons To Love One Last Wish

Nov 24th, 2006 // 3 Comments

onelastwish.jpgYou know you’ve completed the punk-to-prick circle of life when you find yourself pining for the ’80s heyday of the D.C. hardcore scene–even though you weren’t part of that scene to begin with. It’s pathetic behavior, but at least it gives you an excuse to put on the debut record from One Last Wish, the short-lived semi-supergroup featuring soon-to-be Fugazi members Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty. The band may have only been around for just a few months in 1986, but as these two scorching tracks prove, these guys did more in that brief time than other bands do in a decade.

One Last Wish – Break To Broken [MP3, link expired]
One Last Wish – Three Unkind Silences [MP3, link expired]


  1. xtianrut

    Oh, Idolatrix, you’re a cruel mistress. How you torture me for hours with pop-chart drivel, celebri-gossip and the like. Just when I can take no more and I’m ready to use our safe-word to end the pain, you bring it like this. Oh, sweet release…

    We both know I’ll be back.

  2. Jon W

    No Happy Go Licky = NO CRED

  3. MTS

    I used to play OLW on my radio show all the time! Thanks for reminding me of them again.

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