Bribing Music Bloggers Now Easier Than Ever

Nov 27th, 2006 // 6 Comments

As Gerard Vs. Bear noted over the weekend, there’s an exciting new way for music bloggers to exploit their last remaining shred of integrity: Signing up for ReviewMe, a pay-for-say program in which bloggers can get up to $250 for writing reviews of specific products (i.e. “If you’re really into the new Decemberists album, maybe you’ll be interested in the original Crane wife, when Lilith makes a triumphant return in season 8 of Frasier, now available through Paramount DVD…”).

Anyway, it’s more proof that most music bloggers would be journalistically outmatched by an eighth-grade yearbook staff. But what’s particularly distressing about this approach is that is doesn’t actually work. A few weeks ago, in fact, Idolator attempted to solicit some positive write-ups in the music blogosphere, and let’s just say we weren’t happy with the results. For example:

- Blog Soup‘s recent claim that Idolator is “so bad…I cant believe Nick Denton allows it to be published. I am sincerely surprised he hasn’t fired everybody over there” cost us $17 and some Ho-Hos.
- 15-Minute Hipster‘s review of our “poor and poorly-researched content” and its call to “get some people who actually know something about music and are on top of what’s happening in the industry” cost us $6 and a crappy MP3 of some guy named Johnny Moir (Marr?) playing with Modest Mouse.
- The C-Fed says… blog’s succinct “Who cares?” comment cost us $46 a word, plus our dignity.

You see? Thinly veiled bribes just don’t work. We want our money back–and possibly a half-eaten Ho-Ho or two.

BUY BLOGGERS! [Gerard vs. Bear]


  1. lucasg

    well, the joke is on that first blogger dude, because it looks like he had a meatless thanksgiving. how sad is that? making fun of you guys for having a shitty music blog, and then screwing up a meat-based holiday by failing to eat meat. is it better to be trite than pretentious? i’ll choose trite any day!

  2. Nicolars

    15 minute hipster? Someone who would proclaim themself a hipster, even in jest, has no room to criticize…anything, really.

  3. brianp

    Don’t listen to those self-righteous indie-geeks. This site is highly entertaining and I hope it generates loads of filthy lucre.

  4. josh speed

    hey–i only ever say nice things about you guys~! but i don’t publicize my blog as a ‘music blog’ per se

  5. cerulgalactus

    How much will you pay me to say nice things about you on my Livejournal?

  6. FunkyJ

    With all the crack bloggers are smoking to like some of the things bloggers like, I don’t see anything wrong with being paid to write reviews…

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