An Inthusiastic Idolator Indorsement: Get On The Cometbus

Nov 27th, 2006 // 3 Comments

You won’t be able to find it online, so you’ll probably have to go to a “store” and “purchase it,” but we heartily recommend picking up the new issue of the legendary zine Cometbus (apparently it’s been out since September, but the number of independent-print outlets near the Idolator flophouse has been shrinking lately). The new edition features interviews with part-time recluses like Ian McKaye and full-time hermits like Blake Schwarzenbach, and the latter Q&A is particularly sweet: In addition to discussing pellet guns and Richard Butler, the former Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil frontman also speaks (briefly, obtusely) about the Jets’ break-up:

Q: Is it simplistic to say that the “War On Terror” broke up your last band?

A: No, I don’t think so. I try to publicly acknowledge a debt to 9/11 for helping the Jets into their final building. I say that with no disdain for the group. I have great love for the band, but it polarized and focused us greatly. Each of us realized where they wanted to go.

All this, for only $2! That’s one-third the cost of an issue of Paste, and five times cooler!

  1. thepunkguy

    Who’s record do I have to positively review to get a Jawbreaker or a Fugazi reunion to happen? Cause I will. Don’t threaten me, cause I will!

  2. Ascender

    I first read Cometbus in high school and vividly remember a longform story that was an SDS walking tour of Berkeley with the whole Patty Hearst kidnapping and SDS history laid out in that ridiculously tiny yet oh so readable print. Seriously, Aaron Elliott should have his own font.

  3. gorillavsmarykate

    that crazy Blake. He has a present, after all. It IS the present.

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