Tower Records’ Demise: The Final Days Creep Along

Nov 27th, 2006 // 6 Comments

towercrop.jpgAs Tower Records’ days dwindle, the discounts offered by the company liquidating it are growing; CDs and DVDs were marked down 40% over the weekend, making them only slightly overpriced. One of your Idolators took a trip to the Carle Place, N.Y., outpost over the weekend, and there were, somehow, still treasures to be had, including lots of CDs from Idolator favorites like Hot Chip and Young People. Sure, picking through the store–especially the “fixtures” section–gave us a slightly morbid feeling, but we’re curious: What’s the best marked-down find you’ve stumbled across at your local Tower? Were the store’s speakers blaring the same mix of croak-metal and saccharine holiday songs? And did any of you pick up a copy of that last Hoobastank record? Seriously, the Carle Place store had about 75 of them, and they looked so … forlorn.

Hillsdale’s Tower Records comes tumbling down []

  1. MT

    I love the fact that Tower Records gift cards are available, in any amount, right this minute at my local Walgreens.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Right now I’m still thinking the best finds I’ve made were all those Ethiopiques volumes, eight so far — but there are others.

  3. GiantPanda

    I got the following for $1.99… scott walker – the drift, broadcast – the future crayon, dr dog – takers and leavers, band of horses, chad vangaalen – infiniheart, lansing drieden – the incomplete triangle. Also found grizzly bear – yellow house and black mountain for $1.99 and considered buying them even though I already have them…

  4. Jupiter8

    I got a cool Bear Family 2-fer of a couple Tom T. Hall records for a couple bucks when a scanner read it wrong. That was back when they used to have those awesome after Xmas sales…I went to the Tower out by me in NJ last week and even with 30% off the list it was still more expensive than cduniverse…goodbye Tower but you really sucked it the last 5 years or so…

  5. Chris Molanphy

    In NYC, the 4th & Broadway was just depressing when I was there the weekend before Thanksgiving. The 40% discount is in full effect, but the shelves have been picked over, and the whole basement is already closed.

    They also took the old classical room and threw shelves of (mostly bad) DVDs in there – I guess because there’s so little classical and jazz left, as I hear those genres were picked clean sooner than anything else. (Those fans are taking the closing of Tower harder than almost anyone.)

    I might go back one last time for a tearful goodbye, but I treated the last visit as my final one, because I honestly don’t know what would be left and worth buying in December.

  6. Tenno

    i snagged the import primal scream album with bonus remixes! which normally runs 25+ for like 15 bucks and some weird double cd of VAST……but then again i have bad taste

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