It’s Really, Truly Dead This Time (We Think)

Nov 28th, 2006 // 1 Comment

logo_general.gifHas Vladimir Putin slipped some radiation into’s servers? After being tipped off to the site’s possible demise by Hypebot, we headed over there–it was featuring recent releases like U218 and Kingdom Come, so we decided to sign up. While we weren’t able to add money to our balance, we did get a 20-cent credit just for handing over our e-mail address; we were all set to use it on the George Michael/ex-Sugababe duet “This Is Not Real Love,” but our attempt to check out was greeted with the message that “Ordering is temporarily disabled.” The site’s blog has been mum on any tech issues, and the only news item mentioning AllOfMP3 is about a U.S.-Russia copyright hotline. We’ll be checking in with our account during the day, but in the meantime, if anyone could send us that George-Mutya song, we’d be much obliged.


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