“EW” Editors No Longer Find Music Entertaining On A Weekly Basis

Nov 28th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Conflicts galore in this post, but what the hell: Is it just us, or has Entertainment Weekly considerably downsized its music coverage this year? A few months ago, they shuttered the four-year-old Listen2This music supplement, and this week’s Gwen Stefani cover is only the third music cover of 2006; unless the Clipse are named Entertainers Of The Year in the year-end issue, this is looking to be one of the magazine’s least music-intensive runs in years* (compare it to 2003, when Bruce Springsteen, Dixie Chicks, 50 Cent, Dave Matthews, Clay Aiken and Britney Spears all landed on the cover). And while their reviews section still commands a decent-sized piece of real estate in the back of the mag, they’ve yet to find a full-time music-critic to replace David Browne, who left in April.

So what gives? Has the fracturing of the pop world made it harder to find an artist who moves copies on the newsstands? Or is EW simply letting film and TV dominate its editorial mix?

Also: Would it help things if Matthew Fox and Jessica Alba put out a doo-wop record?

* We’re not counting movie and TV tie-ins like Dreamgirls or American Idol covers–only issues in which a musician is featured for an actual album release or tour.

  1. Nicolars

    That Gwen Stefani article was such a tonguebath. Nobody bothered to even question her brain damaged explanation of the Harajuku girls. Even People magazine is less sycophantic.

  2. King of Pants

    Ah, but what is the pop cultural worth of music nowadays? Especially since the entertainment industry adapts to a mindset where music is, at best, an accessory for the TV show or movie and, at worst, a money drain that’s going down the (Internet) tubes?

    Also, lots of popular music sucks beyond belief.

  3. jfruh

    Can someone photoshop Gwen Stefani’s eyes so that they’re both pointing in the same direction? Thanks.

  4. Tyler Knew and Turk! Wendell Ate Won Too

    My subscription went the way of L2T, and not long after.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Anybody know why Browne left? It mystifies me that he’d actually leave – a lead-critic position at EW is like tenure at a liberal-arts college: nobody ever leaves (witness Gleiberman, Schwarzbaum; if Tucker hadn’t made that mistake and left for five minutes for a competing gig, he’d still be running the TV section and waxing about Buffy right now).

    Music has always been the poor stepchild in EW’s universe. It’s like the musical guest on Leno or Conan: they run it last because music is guaranteed to divide the mainstream audience. But everybody, it seems, wants to read about Tom Cruise for the umpteenth time.

  6. faraways0close

    EW is great for Television news. They would always have an article or blurb about Arrested Development at it’s peak and now they mention The Office every chance they get. And then they have Stephen King giving his input on Lost all the time which is good. Why would you read it for music though?

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