BREAKING: Snoop Dogg Has Not Yet Been Arrested Today

Nov 29th, 2006 // Comment

needtogetajobbyjob.jpgYou read that right! As of 8:17 A.M. EST, Snoop Dogg has not been arrested today. Of course, that could be because he’s still asleep in L.A., tossing and turning in his hammock made of Super Gold Thai; or it could be because he was already arrested last night, his third bust of the year, and probably his most embarrassing to date: Not only was he busted for possessing marijuana, cocaine and a firearm in his car, but the arrest took place right outside of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno studio. Which means that Snoop was not only appearing on the most street cred-deprived show on Earth, but that he had to suffer the indignity of watching Kevin Eubanks–a man whose reflexive grins and chuckles indicate that he is also very, very high–drive by without suspicion.

UPDATE: It’s 12:30 PM EST, and still no word on whether Snoop has been arrested today. That said, a spy tells us that a copy of Soul Plane came “dangerously close” to being rented at an Irvine, Ca. video store this morning.

UPDATE:: According to wire reports, Snoop Dogg has not been arrested as of 3:25 PM EST. However, we have it on good info that his Crank Yankers puppet is the subject of a multi-plaintiff paternity suit, stemming from a recent set to the visit of Fraggle Rock. More info soon.

Snoop Dogg arrested on handgun, drug charges [AP via]

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