Australian-Music Powerhouse Set To Replace Lead Singer; Michael Hutchence Presumably Not Available

Nov 29th, 2006 // 8 Comments

wiggles.jpgThe Wiggles, the four-man band of children’s entertainers that drives most alt-rock-loving yuppie-parents crazy, are Australia’s highest-grossing entertainment act: They’ve sold more than 17 million DVDs and five million albums worldwide, they’ve lent their name to theme parks, and they’ve begun franchising their act into other languages, including Mandarin and Tamil (this way, they’ll finally be able to talk to Sting).

So when the news got out that Greg Page, the group’s yellow-shirted lead singer, will be leaving the group because of an unidentified ailment that causes dizziness (he’ll be replaced by an understudy), we couldn’t help but wonder how the kids–in this case, actual kids–will react to the new line-up. Are the members of the Wiggles’ pre-school audience old enough to notice the difference? Or will there be hard-fought, “Goo-goo! No, Gaa-gaa!” debates between fans of the new frontman and fans of the old? The international versions of the band lead us to believe that they’ll eventually become a Menudo-like franchise of interchangeable musicians—because even though the timeframe for aging out of The Wiggles’ fanbase is short, there’s a thumb-sucker born every minute.

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  1. chrisb

    You missed the most obvious joke here… What is the undisclosed illness? Maybe he had some bad fruit salad. Zing!

    (It makes sense if you’re familiar with The Wiggles oeuvre, which I am only because their videos are hi-fucking-larious when you’ve just come home from a night of hard clubbing. Feel better, Yellow Shirt Dude.)

  2. Butch Huskey

    the purple wiggle is the charlie watts of the band

  3. Ned Raggett

    The Wiggles are all right. Oh, and wake up, Jeff.

  4. saturn

    As a veteran of the Steve-to-Joe Blue’s Clues transition, I can say the kids won’t care.

    Shoot me for writing that.

  5. On the Spot

    Next summer on CBS, ROCK STAR: Wiggles.

  6. On the Spot

    Coming to CBS next summer — ROCK STAR: Wiggles.

  7. Jay-C

    This is Highlights Magazine’s version of Paul leaving the Beatles…

  8. MauveShirtedWiggle

    I saw the Wiggles show in Orlando with Sam, who’s the understudy stepping up to replace Greg. Frankly, they’re as interchangeable as Fisher Price plastic people.

    And, oh, the reason Greg is stepping down? He haid hernia surgery that went horribly, horribly wrong. He’s now got vertigo and fainting spells. Sounds like a lawsuit if you ask me.

    And yeah, I’ve got kids. I don’t see real shows anymore. My life sucks.

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