Jackin’ Pop Update: Not That We Care, But None Of Us Will Be Writing For The “Village Voice” Anytime Soon

We figured that the people over at New Times Media–the company responsible for putting the “ill” in the Village Voice–would be a little pissy about our announcement of the Jackin’ Pop Critics Poll; what we didn’t realize was that they’d be such thin-skinned weenies about it: We’ve been told that an email is circulating among New Times staffers that not only talks up how great their poll is going to be this year, but also warns its staffers not to vote in our poll! So let’s get this straight: A company responsible for putting out alt-weeklies–supposedly a place where you go to find independent-minded writing and reporting–is essentially putting a gag order on its staff. Yay, corporate interests trumping employees’ right to free speech! Yay, bad journalism!

Anyway, we’d love to read (and post) this email in full; if you’d like to anonymously send it in, we can be reached at tips@idolator.com.

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