“The Music Of Veronica Mars”: Please Let Us Indulge Our Fannish Tendencies

We only found the incidental-music chronicling at The Music Of Veronica Mars recently, but it’s already proven to be an invaluable resource–for example, the site tipped us off to the fact that the band pumping out “Sweet Caroline” and “Cherry, Cherry” on last night’s edge-of-the-couch episode was the Austin-based outfit the Diamond Smugglers. Our only quibble with the site? It doesn’t get into the show’s constant music-referencing deep enough for our tastes. For example, we noticed the convergence of the Touch and Go shirt worn by the Diamond Smugglers’ drummer and the Black Heart Procession poster on one of Hearst College’s dorm-room walls. Come on, you guys! After all, what else is the blog world good for if not tiny morsels of trivia that pull us even deeper into Veronica Mars’ every frame? Even if it does overuse crummy Fatboy Slim songs in order to make a point now and then?

The Music Of Veronica Mars [veronicamusic.blogspot.com]

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