Russian Government Gets Ready To Ship To Siberia

Nov 29th, 2006 // 1 Comment

logo_general.gifGuess that service outage we noticed yesterday was a sign–today, the Russian government announced that it would begin the process of shutting down cheapo-music site, as well as any other Web sites that engage in the process of copyright infringement, like sister site alltunes. We’re sad that we’ll never be able to use our 20-cent AllOfMP3 credit, but we did, thanks to a tipster, get a copy of the duet between George Michael and former Sugababe Mutya Buena that we were going to buy. Feel free to listen while you toast the Internet’s latest bygone era with some cheap vodka.

George Michael / Mutya Buena – This Is Not Real Love [MP3, link expired]
AllofMP3 = nothing in wake of agreement [ComputerWorld]

  1. noamjamski

    What was the appeal of It was patently obvious that this music was NOT legal, yet you were paying for it, albeit a really nominal amount.

    Nobody can pretend that anyone was legitimately being paid for this music. Permission wasn’t even granted for the albums to be there in the first place. My band’s records were up there, and we control all aspects of distribution. They either legitimately bought a copy, illegally downloaded it, or ripped a promo copy.

    I am by no means a saint when it comes to how I’ve received my music, but with torrents and so many easy ways to get free music, if you are choosing to NOT support labels or artists, why not steal? It confuses me.

    This is not trolling or rhetorical. Maybe something passed me by but I always thought the alternatives were buying legit music or stealing illegitimate music.

    Why do people buy illegitimate music?

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