Handicapping The Oscars’ “Best Song” Category: We’re Just Hoping Sting Doesn’t Show Up

Nov 30th, 2006 // 5 Comments

With Three Six Mafia and Eminem taking home the gold over the past two years, the Oscars’ Best Song category may finally be out of its Randy Newman-induced daze. It’s pretty much a given that the Oscar-ready Beyonce showpiece Dreamgirls will nab at least one nomination–if not more–but Variety’s piece on alt-rock’s potential candidates for Best Song made us wonder about the other movie-derived tunes that will fill out the category.

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Alt rockers flock to the movies [Variety]

  1. PengIn

    The smart money says that Gibson’s epic “Sugartits” (wherein he’s back by a 50 piece orchestra playing native Aztec instuments) is a lock.

  2. Brian Raftery

    Actually, it turns out “Sugartits” wasn’t originally written for the movie-it first appeared in 1993′s The Man Without A Face-and is thus ineligible.

  3. Bone823

    Ahhh … writing “specifically for a film” … the especially charming Hollywood tradition of getting Indie rockers to sign over their publishing rights to a movie studios in return for the opportunity to be told by papparazzi to get the hell out of their shots. I guess if you win, to can always hock the statue and buy some Raman noodles. That’s way better than being able to quit your day job.

  4. Clare

    I would hardly call Chris Cornell “alt-rock,” but I’d give anything to see him perform at the Oscars. Oh mama.

  5. TheDTrain

    I’m of the belief that Spoon should be one of the biggest bands in the world. They’re not, and that’s fine. More for me.

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