The Vault: Zolar X’s Out-Of-This-World Ways

Nov 30th, 2006 // 3 Comments

zolarx.jpgWhen the space-age glitter rockers Zolar X touched down in the ’70s, they were notorious for keeping one foot in the stars at all times–they’d speak to each other in an allegedly astral dialect, although their songs, like the glammy romp “Rocket Roll,” were in English. They disbanded in 1981; Alternative Tentacles released a retrospective of their catalog in 2004, and that led to two of the band’s members rekindling the Zolar X name. A new album is slated for next year; whether they’ll continue their unparalleled devotion to staying in character is up in the air, although according to a fan site, lead singer Ygarr Ygarrist still has his original antennae.

Zolar X – Rocket Roll [MP3, link expired]
Zolar X – Timeless [MP3, link expired]
Zolar X [MySpace]

  1. Ned Raggett

    I cannot WAIT for the documentary on these dudes to come out.

    “I wanna be TIMELESS!”

  2. SirLoin

    Fucking AWESOME! So raw and rockin’. I’ve seen pictures of these dudes and always wanted to find out their name. Thanks Idolator!

  3. maxreax

    These cats came to play at my college last year and put on a fucking AMAZING show. If I can find the flyer they distributed I’ll reprint it here–it was hilarious. The guitarist hit on our events manager in the bathroom, and Don Bolles (of the Zolar-influenced Germs) was supposed to DJ but instead showed up high as hell with (what appeared to be) a 15-year-old girl. Like I said, AMAZING.

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