Bought For A Song: Looking For Deals Underneath Tower Records’ Deathbed

Nov 30th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Now that Tower Records stores around the world are closing their doors, we’ve dispatched some specially trained consumer-crazed hobgoblins to the discount bins, in search of a good deal. Alas, all we’ve found so far is a lot of so-so crap. But it’s cheap so-so crap! If you’ve found a great deal at Tower, send the sales info (see below) and an MP3 to

Artist: Red Rockers
Album: Good As Gold, 1983
List Price: $12.99
Minus 40% discount: $8.39
Minus additional 20% Tuesday-night discount: $6.71
Deal or no deal?: Much like the Outfield disc we mentioned yesterday, Good As Gold isn’t some hard-to-find rarity–just one of those albums which always made us curious, but not curious enough to plunk down $13: After all, the only song we new from this New Orleans band was their catchy (if overlong) semi-hit “China.” Anyway, we’re still wading through Gold, but so far, “China” and the new-wave “‘Til It All Falls Down” are alone worth the price. We should have picked this up years ago.

Red Rockers – China [MP3, link expired]
Red Rockers – ‘Til It All Falls Down [MP3, link expired]

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  1. PengIn

    The Tower on Wabash in Chicago has about a billion copies of War of the Worlds (the new one) that they’re selling today for $3.00. That guy who messed up Oprah’s couch freaks me out too much to check it out, though.

  2. RodimusPrime

    That second one sounds like a very dirty version of the Hokey Pokey.

  3. cyruscope

    My heart pumped wildly when I saw this post. The name Red Rockers meant nothing…but…China? Could it be? That song with that catchy chorus, the chorus I’ve been singing in the shower for 20 plus years without any idea who it was or what any of the other lyrics were? And as I sit here at my desk, long after everyone else has wisely left the office, there is a contented smile on my face as the chiming, soaring chorus blasts out of my tinny monitor….god bless you, idolator.

  4. hndinglove

    red rockers were a pretty decent, ragged punk band before they went new-wave. not sure if that stuff is in print, though.

  5. Kos

    The Tower Records at Lincoln Center in NYC has tons of Napoleon Dynamite…if you’re interested. Everything else has been picked to shreds but if you go up to classical section on the second floor you’ll find a good bunch of rock/pop/etc. I managed to buy the (1) Gorillaz first album, (2) Thievery Corporations new album “Versions”, (3) Handsome Boy Modeling School’s “White People, (4) Bruce Springsteen’ new “Seger Sessions”, and (5) U.N.K.L.E’s “Never, Never, Land”… all for $48 (4 for 40% off, 5th one free). Very hapy Ipod-at-work week.

  6. Doctor Lingerie

    Scored a copy of Spent’s “Songs of Drinking and Rebellion” last week at the Wabash Tower in Chi. It had to have been sitting there since the Clinton admininstration.

  7. Brian Raftery

    When you walk into the Tower on West Broadway, they all but beat you over the head with copies of Napoleon Dynamite and War Of The Worlds, and the stock looked completely untouched.

    They’re also trying to unload the Showgirls boxset, but everyone seemed be rummaging through the real porn section instead.

  8. Antediluvian

    I loved “China” — ever since seeing the video on V-66 in Boston.

  9. Ned Raggett

    All I can say is that the Tower in my neck of the woods has been very, very good to me.

    Napoleon Dynamite, the Narnia movie and, oddly enough, the entire Samhain back catalogue are what’s not moving in huge amounts at my store. Get Glenn Danzig on the phone!

  10. Chris Molanphy

    Still trolling through 4th & Bwy in NYC from time to time. I got the three-disc (CD/DVD) anniversary edition of London Calling about a month ago for, like, $22, which felt like a pretty good deal.

    Better: the other week I picked up Tina Turner’s Private Dancer for eight bucks, with tax. If I don’t count the eight bucks I probably spent on the vinyl version 22 years ago (who knows, I was 12 – it might’ve been a Christmas gift), that felt like a pretty good deal to me.

    On the other hand, woof, has the ’80s production on that record not aged well. (Will the Johnny Cash American records sound like this to us in 2025?) Mark Knopfler’s guitar solo, however, is better than I remembered it.

  11. Funklord

    Oh boy, you mean I can really buy a $18.99 cd for 40% off, making it roughly the same price that Amazon sells it for? What a bargain! No wonder Tower went out of business. 19 bucks for a cd?

  12. ecoboy_wmc

    The 7″ of “China” sits proudly in one of my vinyl crates; I bought it in the mid 90′s when Red Rocker Darren Hill was playing in Paul Westerberg’s band, and managing Rhode Island’s Amazing Royal Crowns. He was one of the “good guys” out there, allmusic has him still associated with Westerberg.

  13. Jack Fear

    V66 fans represent!

    Red Rockers were a great little band; they managed a nice spaghetti-western sound on a lot of the tracks on Good As Gold. Interesting history, too–the drummer was in Stiff Little Fingers, and he and the RR’s bass player later ended up as the rhythm section for the Boston band the Raindogs.

  14. Jupiter8 (via Amazon) has the same “Red Rockers” new for $6.40–I’ve had pretty good luck with them-look for stuff thru Amazon, however-on their regular website most stuff seems overpriced…

  15. Ned Raggett

    Oh boy, you mean I can really buy a $18.99 cd for 40% off, making it roughly the same price that Amazon sells it for?

    This is why I don’t buy those. But if you consider that the list price for, say, the Rudy Van Gelder remasters on Blue Note has a list price at Tower of $12.99, then all of a sudden things get very interesting at 50% off.

  16. Jack Fear

    Dennis: IIRC, Mark Knopfler didn’t actually play on “Private Dancer.” He wrote the song, of course, and the rest of Dire Straits played on it–but that’s Jeff Beck, of all people, on lead guitar.

  17. Hacky McHackerstein

    The Tower

  18. Hacky McHackerstein

    The Tower in Glendale, CA still has a surprising amount of stuff left, including a gazillion copies of Danzig’s latest album.

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