Has Glenn Danzig’s Mothertruckin’ Tour Vehicle Been Stolen?

Nov 30th, 2006 // Comment

glennpic.jpgWe honestly didn’t think we’d be mentioning good ol’ Glenn at all this week, let alone twice, but this tip just landed in our inbox from a Danzig-tour insider:

the Danzig tour truck [was stolen] with all the gear last night. It was recovered this morning, they didn’t think they’d be able to make the show tonight in Santa Cruz, but they’re going to try and cancel the opening acts and start late so they can give the truck enough time to get there and still play the show.

I’m overhearing all of this so it may not be entirely accurate but that’s certainly the gist

As it turns out, Danzig was playing in Los Angeles last night, not in Philly, so the truck theft doesn’t look to be part of some city-wide conspiracy. We just hope he got his wiener(sp?) dogs’ sweaters back.

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