Is R. Kelly Heading Back Into The “Closet”?

trapped.jpgIt seems like it’s been ages since the last chapter of R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet saga–and that wait’s probably been exacerbated by the end of chapter 12, where one friend confessed to another, “That ho was me!” So we got pretty excited when we happened upon this casting call for what may be the next chapter (or five, depending on how Kells’ creativity has been flowing lately):

60-80, African American women.

60-80, African American male.

30-60, Caucasian male, mafia look.

20 or more choir memebers.

Sure, it’s just a taste, but now our minds are reeling. How are these folks–particularly the guy with the “mafia look”–going to fit into the next chapters of Trapped? We smell another guns-drawn showdown–one that, we hope, involves the choir turning into a mini-militia.

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