Listen Without Prejudice: Idolator’s Foreign-Exchange Program

Dec 6th, 2006 // 3 Comments

lemans.jpgThe Spanish pop outfit Le Mans was initially brought to our attention by the great indie label Grimsey–the 1994 song “Un Rayo De Sol” was the first Le Mans song we heard, and it’s hard not to be instantly smitten with its walk-in-the-park groove. Their breezy, seductive pop output continued until 1998, when they announced that they were breaking up through three successive 7-inch covers spelling “F-I-N.”

Le Mans – Un Rayo De Sol [MP3, link expired]
Le Mans – Mi Novela Autobiographica [MP3, link expired]
Le Mans [MySpace]

  1. mike a

    wow, idolator: you keep reading my mind with your music selections. are you actually a front for a top-secret cia mind-control project?

  2. AlannaBanana

    I second that, Le Mans was awesome. Are any of the members involved in other projects now?

  3. peminick

    Great. As if copies of “Le Mans/Entresemana” weren’t expensive enough on Amazon (when they are available). There’ll be a run on this for sure now. “Un Rayo de Sol” is a great anti-December track, though. Thanks for posting it.

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