Sponsored Poll: Taking Rock And Roll On The Road

Dec 6th, 2006 // 18 Comments

Yes, Idolator has finally signed up for some corporate sponsorship–and, much to our surprise, it’s not with the RIAA! This is the second of our three polls brought to you by VW and First Act: Place your vote, enter your e-mail address, and after our third poll, we’ll randomly select one winner to receive a First Act guitar. And if you’re really lucky, maybe one of your Idolators will come over and sing along while you teach yourself “I Can’t Drive 55.” We’ll even wear a yellow jumpsuit!

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  1. falsefridays

    In addition to not being much of a road tune, Life in the Fast Lane just sucks in general. Barf.

  2. Butch Huskey

    wow … those all suck … we dont need to enter the email if we already have an account right?

  3. PengIn

    I’ll vote for Highway Star, if only because it’s what the seniors are listening to while their waiting to put a beatdown on the freshmen in Dazed and Confused. My own choice for this category would be Clutch’s The House That Peterbilt, though I doubt VW is going for the lucrative methed out trucker market.

    I agree that Life In The Fastlane is closer to Worst Song In The History of the Universe than anything resembling rocking.

  4. blatt

    You need the Ex-Cops version of Highway Star. That’s by far the best version of the tune.

  5. Tracer Hand

    “Dirty Back Road” by the B-52s makes kindling of these records.

  6. Tracer Hand

    “Dirty Back Road” by the B-52s makes kindling of these songs.

  7. mike a

    “Roadrunner” as well.

  8. Pop Cesspool

    The lack of “Highway To Hell” or “Heading Out To The Highway” — both of which are quantifiably more rocking than these four songs — makes this poll entirely moot.

  9. janine

    Two things: first, why would I want a first act guitar? aren’t they supposed to be terrible? second: where’s “radar love?”

  10. ecoboy_wmc

    Unafraid to admit it: watching Jon Lord, in a silver beard and all-black suit looking 100% the older British gentleman, explain how he came up with the thunderous organ progression for the “Highway Star” solo in the BBC “Classic Albums” show about Machine Head, is one of my un-guilty pleasures.

    The fact is, as long as you could hit skip, the “Highway Star”/”Space Truckin’” pairing on Machine Head is clearly the best TWO road tunes on one classic rock C.D.

  11. xtianrut

    Write in vote: “Free Love on the Free Love Freeway” by David Brent. Hands down.

  12. saturn

    First, these songs all suck. Second, they’re no fun to drive to.

    I’m with Janine. Radar Love wins, hands down.

  13. The Mozfather

    Yeah, what’s with the choices? Who’s working for VW? Germans?

  14. Chris Molanphy

    I would write in “Low Rider” by War, if I could.

  15. EliD

    “Highway Star” is totally bad-ass.

    “Dirty Back Road” by the B-52s? I’m guessing that song isn’t about what it purports to be.

    Anyway, whether you like the B52s or not, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that any of their songs are “rocking”.

    You might as well nominate the Depeche Mode version of ‘Route 66′.

  16. FionaScrapple

    Um, “Life is a Highway” anyone?

  17. amrcanpoet

    What about “Roadhouse Blues?”

  18. mhulot

    Best road trip song of all time: Roadrunner.

    There’s always a Modern Lovers song on any road trip mix I make, and usually it’s Roadrunner, as track number 1.

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