Liner Notes: Whitney Houston And Osama May Finally Get To Meet

Dec 6th, 2006 // 1 Comment

- Akon speaks about his mission with Whitney Houston’s comeback album: “We’ve got to make the album brighter because she’s come out of the cave now.” Whitney? A cave? Someone’s going to be very happy about this! [Billboard]
- Members of British “rock” “bands” Razorlight and Cooper Temple Clause tested negative for radiation poisoning after boarding the same Moscow-to-London flight as ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko. We’d make some jokes about the Russians here, but we don’t want our body parts being sold on[NME]
- Rapper Chopper–who you no doubt know from Making Da Band, as well as the sketch on Chappelle’s Show where they make fun of Making Da Band–has a beef with Diddy. [MTV News via VH1]

  1. lucasg

    oh, chopper… will it really amount to a hill of beans when you are rotting in prison for 90 years?

    why is this guy in the news? how come de la soul is not in the news? de la soul should be in the news EVERY DAY. even if it’s just when they had for breakfast that morning. de las should be president of the universe. a triumvirate!

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