Troubled Rap Group Tries To Fight Off Ick Factor

Dec 7th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Yesterday, we mentioned that Atlanta rap group Crime Mob was having difficulty keeping one of its members in line–and by “in line,” we mean “not getting arrested for child molestation.” This presents a tricky PR challenge for the group and its label, but as one of our commenters noted, Crime Mob’s Haddaway-sampling “What Is Love” might be enough of a hit to make people forget the group’s legal woes. Now that the track has conveniently leaked (thanks to for the heads-up), take a listen, and ask yourself: Is this song good enough to make you not care about a sex crime?

Crime Mob – What Is Love [MP3, link expired]
What Is Love? []


  1. PengIn

    This track is alright, but I’m really looking forward to Tripp Eisen and Killer C’s cover of Rock And Roll Part II.

  2. brainchild

    hey guys… remember R. Kelly? he (allegedly) peed on a 13 year old girl and videotaped it, but you all forgave him.

  3. PerpetualCarouse

    What’s with the Michael Meyers piano line?
    This song couldn’t not-rock any harder.

  4. BawstonSean

    R. Kelly didn’t sample Haddaway. The act of diddlin’ is horrible, but when the diddlin’ is covered up with a Haddaway sample it is truly unforgivable.

  5. brainchild

    can we all be honest for a second and admit that Trapped In The Closet is complete crap? Let any one of your beloved indie rock bands come out with that musical haggis and you’ll be crying foul!

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