Perez Hilton’s Music-Blogging Career Hotter Than Ever

Dec 7th, 2006 // 9 Comments

perez.jpgWhen professional blogger (and full-time turdsmith) Perez Hilton isn’t busy violating photo-copyright laws, he’s writing breathlessly exclamatory reviews of his favorite bands. Can you guess which quote actually belongs to Perez, and which is a fake? And can you still have children after reading this toxic crap?

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  1. Miss Tanya

    He’s such a piece of shit.

  2. PengIn

    So is the Onion’s Jackey Harvey based on Perez Hilton or is it the other way around?

  3. josh speed

    that bitch is crazy~! she’s like a gay Latino Jiminy Glick on meth, all huddled over her laptop in the corner coffee shop, powdered donut sugar in the creases of her lips.

  4. kiteless

    That is a good picture of Lohan though. She’s got those come hither eyes.

  5. Recently Newly Redundant

    More like “coke thither.”

  6. Greg Johnson

    Jeezy peezy. Perez. Sort it out there, buddy. Are those quotes for real??

  7. The Mozfather

    This was the hardest poll you’ve had in weeks! Did I just make a Perez-level double entendre?

  8. aseriesoftubes

    Look at all those exclamation marks. Apparently Perez has been listening to some Sufjan.

  9. gorillavsmarykate

    Is it sad that I actually know this answer? And I’m straight? Pretty damn straight?

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