The Vault: When The Cure’s B-Sides Were As Good As Their A-Sides

Dec 7th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Yes, yes, we get it: Robert Smith is an icon, a legend, an inspiration–and, it seems, a guy who has no qualms about taking a Stipe-like victory dance about his back catalog, despite the fact that his band’s last start-to-finish listenable album was nearly fifteen years ago. But remember when the Cure were so good, even a B-side from 1985 sounded like amazing?

The Cure – The Exploding Boy [MP3, link expired]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Oh I’ll always remember. Now, let me tell you about the brilliance of the Royal Festival Hall performance from this year and etc.

  2. djp

    Strictly speaking, the only unlistenable back-to-front album The Cure ever released was _Wild Mood Swings_.

  3. Ned Raggett

    Absolutely 100% true.

  4. d

    weird. have we been riding the same wave of nostalgia this week?

  5. ecoboy_wmc

    I try to be as careful as possible with the whole “such-and-such-a-band was so much better before anyone had heard of them” tradition, but with the Cure, I have to side with you.

    Disc one of the Connect the Dots b-sides and rarities box is the one I consistently return to while the other 3 are kinda spotty. “Man Inside My Mouth” is outstanding.

  6. Deadly Tango

    OK, am I the only one not ashamed to say that I’d like to see the B-sides of the “Standing On A Beach” cassette as a single CD (or re-issue “Standing” as a proper 2xCD)? I always hated how the cassette version was the most comprehensive.

  7. Jupiter8

    I concur about the Cure-especially the “Join the Dots” set-by the time you get to the disc with 3 remixes of their uninspired cover of “Hello I Love You” there is really no point…but disc one has great cuts like “Speak My Language” “Just One Kiss” and “Mr. Pink Eye” which my old 12′ had mastered at a chipmunk-like speed….most of the 2 disc reissues are for fans only (lots of demos)…

  8. TheFrap

    A Few Hours After This will probably be my favorite Cure song of all time, and it was a B-side.

  9. djp

    The tripped-out, druggy cover of “Hello I Love You” is totally awesome. Also, aren’t “Burn” and “To The Sky” on that disc, too?

  10. Wasp vs Stryper

    Their “comeback” album, produced by Adidas rock inventor Ross Robinson no less, made me want to cry and throw up… and then cry some more.

    I think my junior high “make out” tape was simply a compilation of Cure songs… and I had school girl crush fantasies of sharing lipstick with Robert Smith…these MP3s are making me want to dance… and cry

    Does anyone have a good grief counselor?

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