Leak Of The Week: LCD Soundsystem Manages To Keep A Song Under The 45-Minute Mark

Dec 7th, 2006 // 5 Comments

The new LCD Soundsystem record is all over the Internet, and we have Little White Earbuds to thank for the track below. Is it just us, or is James Murphy channeling Zevon on that “how-ooooh” bit?

LCD Soundsystem – Watch The Tapes [MP3, link removed]
Truce, fingers not crossed [Little White Earbuds]


  1. brasstax

    DFA’s C&D coming in 5… 4… 3…

  2. The Mozfather

    Totally! Brasstax beat me to it. Should we start a betting pool? I call 2:33 EST.

  3. One Louder

    Here’s what Murphy had to say about the leak on the LCD message board:

    “…it’s certainly not that i’m not happy and flattered that people would like to hear the record at all, and i’m not angry or bummed at people on or off this forum who downloaded it and listened to it, as i’m sure i would have done the same myself if it was possible–i just don’t like the uploaders, really. some fucker got a copy in advance and had so little respect, and that sucks. i mean, some people in the BAND haven’t gotten their copy of the record yet, for fuck’s sake. and the people on this forum, or my family, or anyone.

    i’d just like a little time to live with something before it gets blown all over the internet–free or not–and that’s gone.

    that said, thanks for the nice things you’ve said about the songs, and don’t feel bad about having it–just please don’t give it to other people.”

  4. Little White Earbuds

    So yeah, DFA Record had me take it down. I’m sure they’ll be coming for Idolator as well if they haven’t already.

  5. jkling

    I totally understand Murphy’s position, and I feel bad for the guy, but what I’ve heard of the record is so good, that I have to root for more uploaders. It’s like getting two bites of steak and then having it locked up for three months. I’m hungry now!

    And I’m sure there are some Zevon records in there somewhere, filed in the same genre rack as Nilsson, which is then sub sorted alphabetically, then chronologically…

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