Grammy Nominations Christen James Blunt As The Middling One-Hit Wonder Of 2006

Dec 7th, 2006 // 9 Comments

72765452.jpgThat undeserving, yet over-Grammy-nominated artist we asked about yesterday? Turns out your suspicions were right: James Blunt received five nods from the Grammy committee, but hey–one of those nominations was for Best New Artist, so maybe he’ll win that and get out of our lives. (Mary J. Blige topped the nominations list, scoring eight, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers somehow managed to nab six, including one for their utterly craptacular “Dani California” clip.) We’re still poring over the nominations list, but so far our favorite cage-match in the making comes courtesy of Best Rock Instrumental Performance, which pits the NME’s favorite bunch of blokes, the Arctic Monkeys, against Peter Frampton’s cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.”

Final Nominations List: 49th Annual GRAMMY® Awards []


  1. The Mozfather

    As Linda Richman would say, “Here’s a topic: The Grammy’s ‘Best New Artist’ is neither ‘Best’ nor ‘New’ nor an ‘Artist’. Discuss.”

  2. BillRocksCleveland

    Man, those are some awful rock nominations. Best solo performance — Beck, Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Neil Young, Tom Petty? Best group performance — Coldplay, Raconteurs, The Fray, RHCP, and u2/Green Day? The only saving grace is that Wolfmother got one nod, and I saw The Flaming Lips got a couple as well.

    Was 2006 really that bad?

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Was 2006 really that bad?

    Yes, it really was.

    Mary’s nominations are mostly deserved. But I’ll bet the Dixie Chicks will actually win a higher percentage of their awards. Remember the year India.Arie got seven or eight nods and came home with nothing?

  4. Chris Molanphy

    P.S. I love how the page – which is supposed to be a straight press release – refers to Blunt as a “rock troubadour.” There’s at least two things wrong with that.

  5. Miss Harvill

    The Pussycat Dolls got a nomination for best pop whatever– aside from the fact that their music is revolting I didn’t know they even actually “sing”. Aren’t they just animatronic Burlesque Barbie dolls? Smells a little Vanilli.

  6. Chris Molanphy

    One more annoyance: how did Gnarls’s “Crazy” get nominated for record of the year (deserved) but not song of the year (even more deserved)? How is a song covered by about 20 artists not among the year’s biggest songwriting accomplishments? Pfft.

  7. mreasy

    The thing I hate most about James Blunt is not that his music is the blandest pap around…it’s that he doesn’t even have the respect for his audience to be good-looking. At least John Mayer, who is Dylan, Hendrix, and Jagger combined compared to this waste of a five o’ clock shadow, has the decency to be super-hot while thrusting evils like “Your Body Is A Wonderland” on the world.

  8. antistar

    There are a few good artists nominated, but overall these nominations show how bad music was this year and how out of touch the Grammy Committee still is.

  9. barrister

    Terribly gauche of me, I know, but I actually like James Blunt.

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