Bought For A Song: Even MORE Deals Under Tower Records’ Deathbed

Dec 7th, 2006 // Comment

For the last week, we’ve been reporting on various Crazy Eddie-like deals to be had at Tower Records stores around the country; now our readers are starting to share the wealth. If you’ve found a great buy, please send the album info, discount details, and a sample MP3 to (and please let us know if/how you’d like to be credited). This rather amazing submission is from “Grioir”:

For those of your readers out there who have access to the birthplace of Tower– the Sacramento branch– there are great deals in abundance (it seems that when stock falls below a certain level at the various branches throughout Northern Cali, everything that remains gets shipped out here). I went there last night– we are now at 50% off (so almost everything I am about to list is below is in the $5-$10 range)– and found quite a haul: Recent stuff (Hot Chip, Scritti Politti, Scott Walker, Low Skies,
Ghostface’s Fishscale-for $3!- Destroyer, the Thermals, Clogs).

Also: Nifty re-issues (Delta 5, the Au-Pairs, Comsat Angels, the entire Go-Betweens catalogue, Slowdive, Junior Murvin, those fancy Can SACD re-issues– just about every album was there– Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers’ LAMF- the Lost ’77 Mixes, Vic Godard/Subway Sect singles anthology) and, best of all, weird stuff: a re-issue of PiL’s Metal Box in an actual replica film canister ($11.50) and– the best find of all– the recent This Heat limited edition box Out of Cold Storage marked down from $100 to $50– which is still kind of pricy but comes out to less than $10 each for each of the 6 discs… for once I don’t mind living out here.

All of the Danzig, however, has long been purchased– which tells you all you need to know about Sacra…

Wow. Plato got it right: California knows how to party.

This Heat – Horizontal Hold [MP3, link expired]
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