Grammy Nominations Remind Us Of Our Crush On “One Kiss”

Dec 7th, 2006 // 4 Comments

girlgroup.jpgThis year’s Grammy nominations caused a lot of eye-rolling at the Idolator flophouse, but the Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package category is, with the exception of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (if the Stadium Arcadium limited edition is so great, how come it’s in large, discounted supply at Towers everywhere?), solid: it collects a Miles Davis box set, a Fonotone Records retrospective from the tireless archivers at Dust to Digital, and a four-disc set of goth classics. Our favorite entrant, though, is One Kiss Can Lead To Another, a five-disc, 120-song collection of girl-group jewels from the 1960s. The set–which is packaged in a replica of a hat box–contains songs from the likes of Dusty Springfield and Dolly Parton, as well as unearthed tracks from lesser-known sha-la-laers. Two of our newfound favorites from the box are below, but really, the whole set is worth your while.

The Cinderellas – Baby, Baby (I Still Love You) [MP3, link expired]
The Blossoms – That’s When The Tears Start [MP3, link expired]
One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found [Rhino]
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  1. kerrang

    best boxset ever. EVER EVER EVER EVER!!

  2. Dan Gibson

    Sorry to disagree, but best box set evah! solidly belongs to the Beg, Scream and Shout! box of 1997.

  3. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    I love the One Kiss box set. It was the one present I got last year for Christmas that I actualy liked. Because for some reason my father thought I would like a Dashboard Confessional CD as well. WTF?

  4. Juancho

    That box is legendarily expensive.

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