Listening Station: The Besnard Lakes Indicate That There May Be Some Sort Of Music Scene Going On In Canada

Dec 8th, 2006 // 4 Comments

The debut album from Montreal’s the Besnard Lakes sat untouched in our promo pile for weeks–mostly because everytime we’d look at the spine, we’d think, “Who the hell sent us a Barenaked Ladies CD?” Now we’ve been playing the album non-stop the last two weeks, and, as the French say, yôwza: The songs take a while to build up, but once they rev up toward the end, it’s time to grab the Bose blockers. The only MP3 we have from February’s The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horses is “And You Lied To Me,” below, but we implore you to listen to “Disaster” on their MySpace page, as it’s our favorite track.

And yes, it’s another art-rock Canadian supergroup, but since we don’t hold a genealogy degree from McGill, we have no idea who’s playing what from where in these bands anymore.

The Besnard Lakes – And You Lied To Me [MP3, link expired]
The Besnard Lakes [MySpace]

  1. Catbirdseat

    I’m gonna have to ask my therapist WHY I always read that as “BARESNAKE-ED LADIES”

  2. brasstax

    Ha! I did the same thing Ryan.

  3. Alfonso X. Alfonse


    I’ve never heard a Quebecois say yowza. EVER.

    Though we do continuously kick the shit out of American music.

  4. Eric Samson

    Indeed, Alfonso. Indeed.

    FYI, Besnard Lakes is actually Olga Goreas (who hasn’t done anything else, as fair as I know), her husband Jace Lasek (producer for a metric crapload of Montreal indie records) – Steve Raegele (mostly jazz guitarist), Nicole Lizée (known for her orchestral compos), and Kevin Laing (no clue).

    The ‘featurings’ are impressive, though – Dears (drummer George Donoso III), Godspeed, Stars, …

    Although I must admit at being quite bored by their performance at the Montreal Jazz Fest this summer. I wasn’t expecting anything, and that’s exactly what I got.

    Perhaps they polished up their live act, or perhaps opening for The Dears meant that the crowd wasn’t really right for them. Anyways, the mp3s sound good, though, so I guess I’ll go out and get the record.

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