Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed

Dec 8th, 2006 // 3 Comments

pitchfork.jpgMaybe we should name-drop musicals in “Pick Of The ‘Fork” more often. Our attempt to match wits with Pitchfork’s stable of reviewers–“Her shameless plugs are frequent enough that you expect her to sample “Who Will Buy?” from Oliver next.”–was seen as a phony by a mere 18% of you, relegating it to last place in our weekly poll of prose. Awesome! We’re going to start working on our Legs Diamond jokes for the coming weeks.

This week’s Pitchfork-sourced sentences, and their accompanying reviews:

“Rather, it’s that their intertexuality and pastiche still seem kind of innocent and imaginative– groping less for cultural capital than sustenance and the movement of bodies.”: Tine, “Cobrinha” (3 1/2 stars from Bret Gladstone, and 31% of the vote)

“Four years ago, this would have been a new love, but, by now, it’s a well-rehearsed, consistent climax.”: Explosions In The Sky, “Welcome, Ghosts” (2 1/2 stars from Grayson Currin, and 26% of the vote)

“The music here ultimately mirrors the film’s setting in the big-sky country just east of the Rockies more than it does the fattening subject of its critique…” Various Artists, Fast Food Nation OST (a 7.5 from Joe Tangari, and 25% of the vote)


  1. Spiny Norman

    I had you guys this week! Too easy. The philistines over at the ‘fork have no clue that “Oliver” was a musical let alone being able to quote chapter and verse from the soundtrack.

  2. jody

    i was in a school production of oliver once. but i’m “of that age” too… i think today’s kids are too young.

  3. Feh Am Legend

    Ha! I got it. But I’m of that age where every high school in America was doing productions of Oliver; my sister knew, and sang, the entire score. But it’s pretty far of the hipster radar.

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