Bought For A Song: Finding Yet MORE Deals Under Tower Records’ Deathbed

Dec 8th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Tower Records is closing down, and readers are sending in their favorite deals–along with price info and MP3s–to Today’s entry comes from the blogger behind fathom harvill, who last told us about the Danzig surplus in her Mountain View, Calif., hometown:

With a Tower literally around the corner from me I’ve been in there a lot the past week– things are down to 60%-75% off now, with lots of good stuff still to be found. Best so far: I picked up the hard-to-find limited edition 2-disc box version of Bob Mould’s Body of Song for 75% off list– marked down from $28.99 to $7.25.

What’s Good: The 9-track bonus disc contains 6 more original tracks (and 3 unnecessary remixes). The new tracks are generally worthwhile, especially the uber-emo “Nihil” and “Surveyors and Cranes”, which could have been an lost track off Husker’s Candy Apple Grey.

What’s Bad: Occasional vocoder use on the remixes. What’s worse: two arty photos of a shirtless Bob Mould are part of the fancy delux packaging. Bob, Bob, Bob– I’m glad you’re comfortable with your body but no one wants to see that. Overall though definitely a deal. The main album is his best since Workbook, and “Surveyors and Cranes” redeems the bonus disc and vaguely disturbing deluxe artwork completely.

Bob Mould – Surveyors and Cranes [MP3, link expired]
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  1. Jupiter8

    At Tower 66th St. in NYC they had enough copies of this as well as the two-disc version of the newest Pet Shop Boys CD to tile a bathhouse.

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