Toby Keith’s “Bar” Causes Him To Get Served–With A Lawsuit

Dec 8th, 2006 // Comment

tk.jpgKey West singer-songwriter Michael McCloud is suing super-patriotic crooner Toby Keith over alleged copyright infringement. The culprit is Keith’s “I Love This Bar,” which Keith has even franchised into an Oklahoma drinking establishment; McCloud claims that it ripped off his song “Tourist Town Bar”. We’ve listened to both, and each song is pretty much structured around a lazy collection of drinkin’-and-observin’ lyrics (McCloud admitted to writing his in his bar’s loo), with few sonic similarities between them, so even though taking a chunk out of Keith’s red, white and blue fortune would send our schadenfreude-meter off the charts, we’re doubtful this suit will pan out. And really, if crafting a song from a list of blissed-out half-insights is patentable, shouldn’t Jimmy Buffett be sending his lawyers after both of these guys?

Bar singer suing Toby Keith for copyright infringement [, via AOL Music News Blog]

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