The Vault: Taking A Trip To Mega City Four

Late yesterday, we got word that Darren “Wiz” Brown–the frontman for for early-’90s UK band Mega City Four–had died at the age of 44 of a brain clot, prompting us to seek out our copy of MC4′s 1992 album Sebastopol Rd. We bought this at the WFMU Record Fair years ago, and the $8 sticker on the cover says it best: “Great U.K. hard-rockin’ power pop” (we buy anything that combines “U.K.,” “power pop,” and proper hyphenation). So, in memory of Wiz, two of our favorite Rd. songs are below:

Mega City Four – Ticket Collector [MP3, link expired]
Mega City Four – Anne Bancroft [MP3, link expired]
Mega City Four singer dies suddenly [NME]

  • xtianrut

    RIP power-popper. There’s a special place in heaven…

    Not to speak ill, but is the verse of “Anne Bancroft” not the exact same chords as “I Would Dare” by the ‘Mats?

  • Ned Raggett

    Aw man, RIP. Ended up not keeping that album, though I had it for a while, and they put on a good live show when I saw them tour for it — still have the shirt around.

    Also, anyone who attended the Jesus and Mary Chain “Rollercoaster” tour that year in the States with Curve and Spiritualized just might remember the thousands of copies of Melody Maker around with him as the cover star. Regrettably, it was one of the worst covers the magazine ever released.

  • skyco

    How depressing. I picked up Sebastopol Rd. around when it came out on a tip that they were “Squeeze-like” — and Brown, indeed, had a bit of Tilbrook in his throat, so to speak.

  • ecoboy_wmc

    I too enjoy the juxtaposition of “UK” and “power pop” for the most part, and a decade together is to be commended, but (chiming in on the “not to speak ill, but…” of xtianrut) somebody needed to do something about that godawful drawn-by-a-high-schooler-in-the-margins-of-the-three-ring-binder logo they sported.

    Like some cheesy corporate logo in a cut-rate Robocop film… Sebastopol Rd. was quite good but it was hard to take the band seriously.

  • Anonymous

    My favourite band ever. I loved they. They were totally differnt from everything else I was lsitening to at the time. The combination of overdrive guitar and the Glen Tilbrook vocals (I know what you mean), just made it for me. Plus he was an amazing song writer. Sadly missed.