The Vault: Taking A Trip To Mega City Four

Late yesterday, we got word that Darren “Wiz” Brown–the frontman for for early-’90s UK band Mega City Four–had died at the age of 44 of a brain clot, prompting us to seek out our copy of MC4’s 1992 album Sebastopol Rd. We bought this at the WFMU Record Fair years ago, and the $8 sticker on the cover says it best: “Great U.K. hard-rockin’ power pop” (we buy anything that combines “U.K.,” “power pop,” and proper hyphenation). So, in memory of Wiz, two of our favorite Rd. songs are below:

Mega City Four – Ticket Collector [MP3, link expired]Mega City Four – Anne Bancroft [MP3, link expired]Mega City Four singer dies suddenly [NME]