Bought For A Song: Still More Deals Under Tower Records’ Deathbed

Dec 8th, 2006 // 1 Comment

We’ve been getting so many reader tips about deals at Tower Records, we decided to double-dip our “Bought For A Song” feature today. This afternoon’s installment and its Yuletide-themed MP3 come from Idolator commenter Jupiter8:

Thursday night I had 2 hours to kill before a Christmas party, so I headed to the 66th and Broadway NY Tower. I go WAYYYYY back with Tower (I even remember the store in the East 80s in the early ’90s that had those terrible metal steps) and am sad to see it close, even though I work about 10 blocks away and haven’t bought much there since they became beholden to the ridiculous $18.98 list.

I headed right to the old classical section on the second floor (thanks for the tip!) and scored pretty good-I was in there for about 15 minutes when the magic words came over the intercom: “Tonight only, all singles cds are $5!”

After going through piles of T Bone Burnett Dual Discs and an alarming number of cds by Joe “King” Carrasco, the latest Fiery Furnaces disc (the one without Grandma) and solo efforts by Cars members, I found some great treasures-a funky Lyn Collins comp with some awesome James Brown-produced stuff (which was actually $4.80 thanks to the fact that it was a midline import at 60% off), several Bruce Springsteen Japanese “mini-lps” cds (I hope “Tunnel of Love” sounds better than the crappy old US version) a Martika comp which I bought for the Price-penned oddity “Love..Thy Will Be Done” (only $2.80!) and a Ze Records Xmas disc which I never would have paid $24.99 for.

When I checked out, the indifferent clerk even rang up an awesome Jimmy Ruffin UK Motown double disc comp for only $5– making it about 11 cents a song! Take that, eMusic!

Alan Vega – No More Christmas Blues [MP3, link expired]
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  1. Hertz-Lion

    Adding Tower into the Valhalla of past chains kaput: Camelot, Licorice Pizza, Moby Disc, Music Plus, Penny Lane, Tempo, Sam Goody, Wherehouse.

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