Jawbreaker Singer Breaks Off From Cyberspace

Dec 11th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Not that we spend our Saturday nights trolling MySpace, but this weekend we just happened to notice that Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil frontman Blake Schwarzenbach deleted his MySpace page earlier this year. The cache can still be found here, and though it’s skimpy on personal info–save for a mention of a teaching job at Hunter College–the site was pretty much Schwarzenbach’s only communication with his rather obsessive fanbase: Ever since Jets To Brazil broke up in 2003, he’s kept out of the public spotlight, releasing no new music, and rarely giving interviews. Our Rupert Pupkin-like questions: Did BS tire of getting friend requests from the likes of “DearYou1995″? Was this even a real Blake page to begin with? Or is he just prepping a new site called myspace.com/jawbreaker_reunion_tour_2007?

Jawbreaker – Sea Foam Green [MP3, link expired]
Blake Schwarzenbach’s MySpace Page [Cache]

  1. nosebleed

    i would like it if he gets Jawbraker back togther..

    but as much as i’d like to see the band again i’d fully support him doing his own thing solo as well.

    not one of you can tell me they wouldn’t mind seeing Blake perform “Kiss The Bottle”, “Sea Anemone” or anything in his catalog of music – be it Jawbreaker or Jets To Brazil..

    just him & an acoustic guitar..
    i think it’d be amazing.

    If you are reading this.

    Please play music again.

  2. SupraCute

    Myspace’s not punk. And Blake is totally telling everyone!

  3. h. ross piroshky

    i second both of those emotions.



  4. kid icarus

    Sea Foam Green is one of my favorite songs of all time. Thanks gang.

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