The Vault: A “Sexy World” With A Lot Of Shady Back Alleys

Dec 11th, 2006 // 2 Comments

alb_sex.jpgThe 1998 album Sexy World was the last by the Glasgow outfit The Yummy Fur, whose previous records made LL Cool J reach for his Beastie Boys and Monkees comparisons. Sexy World is grimy and ramshackle, with the vocodered “Playboy Japan 1971″ standing out as one of our favorite songs (fun fact: we first heard it on Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight radio). Frontman John McKeown is now playing in 1990s with the band’s original bassist, Jamie McMorrow; the drumming on Sexy World was handled by Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson.

Yummy Fur – Playboy Japan 1971 [MP3, link expired]
Yummy Fur – British Eyeballs Ltd. [MP3, link expired]
The Yummy Fur []


  1. Cheap Shot

    “British Eyeballs Ltd.” is like a great Adam & The Ants outtake. Thanks guys, good stuff!

  2. Adam Bernard

    Is it still crate diggin if it’s an MP3?

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