Listening Station: Snakes Say Hisss! Might Possibly Make You Shake Your Asp

Dec 11th, 2006 // 3 Comments

snakessayhisss.jpgHaving randomly pulled their debut album, I’ll Be Lovin’ You, from our monolithic promo pile (R.I.P.), we don’t know much about Snakes Say Hisss!, save for the following: They hail from Saratoga Springs, NY; their aesthetic choices veer from “ironic” to “heavily ironic”; and the following song is bare-bones synth-pop, and it’s terminally catchy:

Snakes Say Hisss! – I Control The Wind [MP3, link expired]
Snakes Say Hisss! [MySpace]

  1. BlimpyMcFlah

    The guitar part sounds like a certain Scots band, which would then make these guys…….


    oooooooooooooh yes! i can now die happy! bang! get in there! yow! etc..

  2. MJ

    This sounds so, so good. Reminds me of Cut Copy. Then again, I’m obsessed with Cut Copy. Did I tell you that already? Best dance/pop/rock crossover band in a while.

  3. Eric Samson

    This sounds like Ratatat met up with The Unicorns and recorded a great, great album.

    I’m buying it, like, right now.

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