Ghostface Will Not Test Floors’ Cleanliness By Eating Off Them

Dec 11th, 2006 // Comment

ghost.jpgIn an interview with the Irish magazine Mongrel, Ghostface starts off by cluing Mark O’Connell in on the relationship between keeping food off the floor and luck:

Okay, so you’ve been doing this for fourteen years or so now. Has much changed since the Wu-Tang first came out?
Yeah, well … [Ghostface begins to answer the question, but breaks off to chastise his manager for leaving a pile of takeaway pizza boxes on the floor] No, don’t put the food on the floor, Hisham! Don’t never put food on the floor! It’s not good luck, you know? Food don’t belong on the floor. [To me] Sorry, man, go ahead.

While we take a second to mull over the state of the Idolator flophouse, and how its decrepitude may be affecting our fortunes, you should take in the rest of the chat, where he lets fly about the original Ghostface action figure’s portliness, and how close the world is to “last couple of pages in Revelations that’s left over.” (Answer to that last one: Pretty close.)

The Revelation Of Tony Starks [Mongrel Magazine, via Nah Right]

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