TV On The Radio Vs. Stereogum’s Commenters: A Handy Primer

Dec 12th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Firestorm at Stereogum: In their second Karen O demo post, the leaker of the demos confessed, TV On The Radio guitarist Dave Sitek’s damning blog post about the CD-R allegedly being stolen from him was reprinted, and the commenters waved “Live Free (Music) Or Die” flags. Since the thread is long and bilious (honestly, we don’t blame Sitek, the demos’ original owner, for quitting the Internet), we figured we’d break it down for you:

Approximate ratio of pro-Sitek/anti-Sitek commenters: 1:10.
Most ridiculous “threat”: “I sooo just deleted TVOTR off my iPod.”
Number of commenters who deserve a Jackin’ Pop ballot: 1: “Plus [TV On The Radio] is overrated and they might as well be the New Radicals.”
Number of commenters who, perhaps rightfully, pointed out that Sitek’s grammar wasn’t given a Lohanesque once-over: 1.
Number of commenters who called Karen O’s demos “the equivalent of Paris Hilton’s sex tape”: 1.
Amount by which the venomous entitlement of Stereogum’s commenters, who will probably listen to these demos nonstop for three days then forget about them once some other album leaks, totally depressed us: ∞.

The Story Behind The Karen O Demo [Stereogum]
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  1. lucasg

    yeah, so i went and read all that mess. i am dumber for having done so. no one really cares about any of that do they? i mean, come on.

  2. thenewblack

    Peter on the Gabriel.

  3. brianp

    These indie-geeks kill me. They are shocked to discover that giving away someone else’s property might piss somebody off.

  4. The Mozfather

    Commenting on stereogum is like participating in a screaming match with teenagers. The first two comment fields are usually, “FIRST COMMENT!!”

  5. Dickdogfood

    Since this wasn’t a recording of a public event, nor were these recordings intended for any kind of public consumption, nor can you really compellingly argue that the benefits to the public good outweigh the harm to these individuals’ privacy (I think you *could* reasonably argue that bootleg material by already-in-the-public-domain-in-spirit-if-not-by-law behemoths like Elvis/Beatles/Stones/Dylan/Prince maybe maybe maybe adds to our understanding of them *and* the culture at large, and thus the release of which represents a greater good above and beyond the satisfaction of our music-geek cravings), I think the leak and dissemination of this stuff isn’t justifiable, and that Sitek’s anger *is*.

  6. Dickdogfood

    (For the record, I’m not generally feelng TVOTR or YYY — with exceptions, there are always exceptions.)

  7. BlimpyMcFlah

    Being the one commenter that is listed above talking about the paris sex tape comparison, I feel slightly misquoted.

    What I actually said was:

    “2. a karen o demo leak is the indie rock equivalent of paris hilton’s sex tape.”

    Meaning: there’s some bespectacled indie rock man-folk out there, that upon hearing these leaked home recordings, will be literally leaking at home, headphones on, all over their macbooks (or into a sock). Whatever.


  8. Dickdogfood

    I can’t speak for the rest of humanity, but I kinda assumed that’s what it meant.

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