Bought For A Song: Even More Deals From Under Tower Records’ Deathbed

Dec 12th, 2006 // Comment

Tower Records is closing down, and readers are sending in their favorite deals–along with price info and MP3s–to Today’s entry is courtesy of Skinny from Just Sayin’:

i went to tower on 4th (?) and broadway last week to grab as many hyphy compilations as i possibly could while they were 70% off, and was met in the rap section with about 400 copies of field mob’s “light poles and pine trees.” this album is insanely good and as long as tower is still relevant to soundscan numbers, i encourage everyone to go cop for $5.

We can top that: We hit the same Tower last night, and Light Poles is now down to $1.50! Of course, you’ll have to find it in the overcrowded hip-hop section, which looks like a Pen & Pixel retrospective gone awry. Here’s “At The Park”–which our iTunes hilariously misidentifies as “At The Pork”:

Field Mob – At The Park [MP3, link expired]
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