Gerard Vs. Bear: The Animal Is Loose!

Dec 12th, 2006 // 13 Comments

bearhold.jpgIn what might be the most inside-baseball music-blog post of all time, Chris Ott posted an announcement on Nick Sylvester’s blog, unmasking himself as the person behind the muckraking Gerard Vs. Bear blog (we had him as our No. 1 suspect!)

Ah, Gerard: We’ll miss you, in all your grunting glory!


  1. katie_a_princess

    Duh: my main time drag has been a certain free weekly column wherein I blasted the Pipettes and nobody gave a shit, then said pretty much the same thing about Colin Meloy and it was like Flow My Tears the Policeman Said x 2000 in all-caps, from his ex-girlfriend the children’s book illustrator to Chris “Honeywell Round” Walla’s idiotic “U R JEALOUS CAT” letter, posted on his posey personal website (love that laid-back white-tee belly shot Chris – you should have been on Laguna Beach what a gyp did they call u??!!1).


    party of one.

    your table is ready.

  2. Catbirdseat

    Is this the part where everyone stands up and does their Spartacus shtick?

  3. Dickdogfood

    More like RETARDICUS!!!LOL!!!

  4. King of Pants

    I recognize the words as English, but it’s all this vast white noise.

  5. xvii

    Right on sjc, I read it twice and still had no idea where he was coming from or going. There is no clarity.

  6. Matthew Perpetua

    That wasn’t “white noise,” that was ax grinding.

  7. Dickdogfood

    I politely applaud your purchase and use of a Solipsist-to-English dictionary, MP.

  8. ow my eye

    man, the squag fallout from ott’s vigorous handjobbing of sylvester in that final paragraph just cleared a river and smacked me in the cheek. cronyism = sticky and warm (kind of gross)

  9. The Mozfather

    Gerard couldn’t be Chris Ott. Chris Ott is boring.

  10. Jeff Weiss

    I guarantee that Gerard is not Ott. Guaranteed. Anyone who believes it is being played.

  11. katie_a_princess


  12. Nicolars

    Gerard seems too interesting to engage with the likes of Dick Mylester.

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