Bought For A Song: Even More Deals From Under Tower Records’ Deathbed

Dec 13th, 2006 // Comment

Tower Records is closing down, and readers are sending in their favorite deals–along with price info and MP3s–to Today’s entry is courtesy of reader Todd Patrick of Oakland, Calif.:

I found these last night at the Emeryville store. I don’t think it’s been less than five years since I’ve browsed up and down every aisle of a record store looking for anything – not recognizing 95% of the artists felt like I was back in 1986 again, just learning about music. Really, really bad music.
Here’s what I found (along with five extant copies of The Outfield’s “Play Deep,” which I’m proud to already own), as well as what I paid for them:

Graham Coxon, “Love Travels At Illegal Speeds” Import CD+DVD ($11.40)
Art Brut, “Bang Bang Rock & Roll” + 3 bonus tracks ($4.20)
The Futureheads, “News and Tributes” Ltd.Ed. w/Bonus EP ($2.00)
Thursday, “A City by the Light Divided” ($5.10)
Hard-Fi, “Stars of CCTV” ($4.50)
The Go! Team, “Ladyflash” & “Bottle Rocket” Import EPs ($1.00 each)

and to keep things interesting…

The Amazing Rhythm Aces, “How the Hell Do You Spell Rythum?” ($4.20)
Gerry Rafferty, “Right Down the Line: Best of” ($3.90)

To be honest, the [REDACTED ARTIST] are a Christmas gift for my [REDACTED GIFTEE], and I’ve got a sweet tooth for Gerry Rafferty’s songwriting. But still, there’s some good bargains left for the eclectic collector of tangible media, at least while we’re draining the rest of the pond before gets Napstered.

Nice work! [REDACTED GIFTEE] is going to be very happy.

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street [MP3, link expired]
Graham Coxon – I Can’t Look At Your Skin [MP3, link expired]
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