An Idolator Request: Do This One For The Kid(s)

This is not the post we wanted to write: Yesterday, when we saw that For Your Own Special Sweetheart–the out-of-print brunt-force rock album by D.C.’s Jawbox–was up on eMusic and the iTunes store, we figured it was the perfect excuse to rave about one of our all-time favorite bands, and maybe post a few MP3s.

And then we woke up and saw this, and it broke our hearts. In summary: Jawbox singer/guitarist J. Robbins’ year-old son was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a potentially fatal disease that demands a lifetime of costly medical care and supervision. Jawbox’s old label, DeSoto, is asking for donations here; Idolator has pitched in, and we hope you do, too.

And while you’re at it, buy the Jawbox back catalog. It’s amazing. Here’s proof:

Jawbox – Savory [MP3, link expired]
For The Benefit Of Cal Robbins [DeSoto]

  • Miss Harvill

    Done, and thanks for the post. Its a crying shame being an indie rock legend doesn’t come with a better benefit plan. Here’s hoping the little guy bucks the odds.

  • Miss Tanya

    Thanks for posting this – poor little guy. I donated, and so should everyone who can.

  • Davey G.

    Blog minds think alike. I cross-ref’d my post before I saw you guys had already done it. But fuckit. If something bears repeating, this is it. Best to J. and Janet, and prayers for Cal. Seriously, I know it’s only one person, but J. and his cohorts are huge. Good people, as well. Do yourself a favor and own his entire catalogue. And donate. Please donate.

  • Davey G.

    By “one person” I meant Callum. Obviously this affects a lot of people. It’s not saving Darfur, but J. helped build the house where a lot of us live.

  • Jon W

    That reminds that the DEFTONES cover of savory is actually pretty rad.