Glenn Danzig Wants You To Get More Stressed Out

Dec 14th, 2006 // 4 Comments

We may know Glenn Danzig as a man who loves to kick back with his wienur (sp?) dogs, but don’t think that he isn’t a tense dude. From an interview with interview with Exit Weekly:

What kinds of Satanic things do you believe?

Oh, I don’t know … To think for oneself. To strive for intelligence. Things like that.

That doesn’t sound very Satanic.

I’m just saying that most people don’t apply their minds to those concepts. Most people just want to go to their boring job and not have to think about anything or worry about anything. People don’t like stress; I do.

In other words, you’re a stressed-out metal dude.

Stress is necessary. Stress means you’re thinking; it means you’re aware.

Look for Glenn’s upcoming self-help book, Channeling Your Stress Into Unexpected Success On Billboard Magazine’s Crossover Chart, in stores for next year’s holiday season.

Merry f**ing Christmas! [Exit Magazine, via Copyranter]

  1. Calexxia

    It’s obvious that the interviewer did not realize the basic tenets of modern Satanism (LaVeyan). Most people seem to have this image (admittedly assisted by the media and public personages) of Satanism as being all about blood and gore, but LaVeyan Satanism is pretty much just about hedonism and free-thinking.

  2. Jay

    Wait, so he doesn’t drink goat’s blood?

  3. mark duffy

    He could walk under a goat without ducking.

  4. Calexxia

    I’m not saying Glenn hasn’t got a John the Conqueror root (I know he, at one time, DID). I’m just saying that “modern Satanism” isn’t really so much about the evil and is more about the “party”. Then again, it’s almost easier to picture Glenn making with the evil than it is the hedonism.

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