Listening Station: Ringing Up Partyline’s Scream-Along Anthems

Dec 14th, 2006 // Comment

partyline.jpgLed by ex-Bratmobile lead singer Alison Wolfe, the pogo-punk trio Partyline put out their first album, Zombie Terrorist, a couple of months ago; calling it a “full-length” almost seems wrong, since half of of its songs barely skim the 90-second mark. But Wolfe delivers her politically charged lyrics with enough mud-in-your-eye bravado to bring us back to Kill Rock Stars’ halcyon days, which more than makes up for the record’s too-brief feel.

Partyline – Casual Encounters [MP3, link expired]
Partyline – No Romantic [MP3, link expired]
Partyline [MySpace]


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