And People Axe Why Music Bloggers Have Such Little Credibility

Dec 14th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Deodorant Exec No. 1: So, I’m happy with the fourth quarter so far, but I feel like our soft-core porn ads and gaudy design schemes aren’t reaching the music-blog crowd.
Deodorant Exec No. 2: Oh man, I’ve heard of that crowd!
Deodorant Exec No. 1: Yeah. It’s an important demo–mostly white, mostly male, and numbering in the mid-hundreds.
Deodorant Exec No. 2: What if we dupe them into a promotion?
Deodorant Exec No. 1: How so?
Deodorant Exec No. 2: Well, we set up some dinky music site, and then have all the bloggers submit song suggestions.
Deodorant Exec No. 1: Oh, I don’t know about that–I really don’t care for their music tastes. I mean, Silversun Pickups? Woof!
Deodorant Exec No. 2: I know, but here’s the thing: We ignore their suggestions, but still get them to write about how awesome we are! It’s free advertising for us.
Deodorant Exec No. 1: I dunno, would anyone would be gullible enough to fall for that?

AXE Goes Indie [My Old Kentucky Blog]

  1. slutsguts

    that’s just sad.

  2. jt.ramsay

    More importantly, AXE is like the Deep Woods Off! of sex.

  3. Dan Gibson

    Andrew WK played an Axe event once, so they’re alright with me. I’d even wear it if they offered scents other than Sex Panther.

  4. Catbirdseat

    Smells like Bigfoot’s dick.

  5. tankboy

    Oh wow. MOKB really needs to learn how not to fall for every lame-brained promotion that comes down the pike. Also, did he actuallt write that post, or did he just steal Axe’s press release without crediting the original author(s)?

  6. fogsnob

    hold on for just a sec. did everyone just overlook the potential awesomeness of this Axe site? if they have some innocence mission or vashti bunyan…my computer is a lot closer than my stereo.

  7. mackro

    “Download the song and shut up the fuck.” – Dodge

    OK, I’m satisfied.

  8. One Louder

    The FTC should order a smackdown on MOKB…

  9. Ken Phelps

    Man, I remember when it was all about the music and the blogging and the baldly plagiarized Wikipedia entries. Then deodorant people had to come in and ruin everything. Like they always do.

  10. The Mozfather

    And now Dodge called Ryan Wolf a promo-shill. This is so banal and exciting at the same time! It’s like a family fight in GerardvsBear-ese.

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