Music Exec You Don’t Read About Anymore Slams Magazine You Don’t Care About Anymore

Dec 14th, 2006 // 9 Comments

For those of you unfamiliar with U.K. music-label mogul Alan McGee, here’s a quick career recap: Creation Records, drugs, Oasis, drugs, Primal Scream, Jesus & Mary Chain, drugs, more drugs, the Vaselines, My Bloody Valentine, drugs, Teenage Fanclub, nervous breakdown from drugs, some wanker bands. Courtney Love.

And now he’s a blogger for the Guardian Unlimited, where today he puts the “F.U.” to Q:

Q magazine is out of date, a true retirement home for music writers that never made it. It’s the absolute lap dog of the major record companies – a music magazine for accountants and estate agents. Q is corporate. Gormless. Gutless. Always six months behind everything and full of lists, lists, lists. Well here’s how others see Q magazine: a Q top 20 I’m sure they would be proud of.

1. Chris Martin and Robbie Williams

2. Anybody in U2

3. Annie Lennox

4. Anybody in Radiohead – or failing that, Coldplay again

5. Anybody in Keane

And so on. Of course, McGee conveniently forgets to mention the constant Oasis coddling that Q has dished out for the last decade–possibly because he knows they’ll be ringing him in a few weeks for a cover package titled: “The 15th Anniversary of Liam’s First Derisive Sneer: An Oral History.”

Also: Gormless?

No Thank Q! [Guardian, via Matablog]


  1. Nicolars

    And now he’s a blogger for the Guardian Unlimited

    Saddest phrase in the world.

  2. soundbitesnyc

    It’s a shame because at one point Q was really good. But it is an embarrassment now. Their Top Albums of 2006 read like a list that was constantly being second-guessed right up to pub.

    MOJO isn’t what it used to be either. The one UK mag I think that’s actually worth reading is WORD, one that most in the US don’t know about. And actually, a lot of the writers who made Q so good in the ’90s now work there. Worth seeking out on the newsstands… as thier website’s shite!

  3. mike a

    Biff Bang Pow! really should sneak into that timeline just between Creation Records and the drugs’ debut. “There Must Be A Better Life” alone makes up for the past 20 years of assorted decadence.

  4. Breliant

    Oh Alan, you old anachronism. He often talks of signing Oasis and his “magic ears” but he neglects to mention his failures; I’m not talking about Ride or The Boo Radleys, I’m talking about Toaster/Arnold/Heavy Stereo – you’re hardly batting .300 are you? You write a blog for people you once described as “bed wetters”.

    Even though I’ll stand by Mojo; Soundbitesnyc is right, WORD is probably the best at the moment although featuring Russell Brand is pretty sad.

  5. SlimShadenfruede

    I am still holding on to my Drugs Issue of Q. It is pretty bad now but so are most music rags. My favourite is Mojo. There were talks for sometime about bringing Mojo here.

    Say what you will about McGee, but you can’t say he’s not a music genius for what he’s accomplished. Especially without dying.

  6. Jupiter8

    Bleh-Q may suck (check out this month’s U2/Oasis cover–or was that last month’s?) but I am sure sick of these Brit music “geniuses” who seemingly can’t play a note but inflict their irrelevant opinions long after the last good band they ever signed sells out a song for a Levis ad….

  7. mike a

    Say what you will about McGee, but you can’t say he’s not a music genius for what he’s accomplished.

    Totally. The early Creation roster is nearly up there with early Rough Trade or Mike Alway-era Cherry Red. Anyone visionary enough to release early recordings by the Jasmine Minks, JAMC, The Pastels, Revolving Paint Dream, June Brides and Bodines gets a pass for his later sins.

  8. Andrew_Beaujon

    “Gormless” is Scots slang for someone who’s dumb and boring. Possibly unsocialized. When applied to a magazine, I guess he just means “clueless.”

  9. snark

    Oooooh, hello, Andrew Beaujon. We met some time ago, in a professional context, but that’s entirely boring to everyone else. May I just take this opportunity to make you smile a tiny bit (or frown, quite possibly) and say that Eggs remain my favourite band of all time. That is all!

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